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Lib Dems plan sex education for seven year-olds

The Liberal Democrats have announced plans which would see all children in English state-funded schools receive sex and relationships education from the age of seven.

The party says the "age-appropriate" classes would make up part of a "curriculum for life", which would also feature lessons about money management and citizenship.

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Sex education at younger age 'aids informed choices'

Providing sex education to children as young as seven would give children "all the life skills they need when they are at school", Liberal Democrat Schools Minister David Laws says.

We have long made the case, both inside and outside Government, for updated sex and relationship education to be taught in all schools, including academies and free schools, but it is not something the Conservatives are open to.

We believe that by educating children about sex and relationships in an appropriate way, we can help them to make informed choices in their personal lives.

– David Laws, Schools Minister

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