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Cameron calls on EU to double Ebola funding

David Cameron has called for EU leaders to double their funding in the fight against Ebola to £800 million.

It comes after one of the doctors who discovered the virus, Professor Peter Piot, said the rest of Europe was not doing enough to tackle the epidemic.

Downing Street said the current total contribution from the EU was just £400 million.

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Hopes of Ebola cure dampened as virus 'is mutating'

The deadly Ebola virus which has killed hundreds of people in West Africa is mutating at a rate which could hamper efforts to find a cure, researchers have warned.

Genetic studies of some of the earliest Ebola cases in Sierra Leone have found more than 300 changes in the virus as it moved from person to person.

The findings, published in Science, suggest current diagnostics and potential treatments and vaccines may struggle to keep up.

The study examined samples from 78 people in Sierra Leone, where the infections could all be traced to one faith healer who claimed to have found a cure, attracting affected patients from Guinea.

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