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Shaun Wright steps down as PCC after Rotherham report pressure

Shaun Wright has stepped down as South Yorkshire's police and crime commissioner after weeks of pressure over the Rotherham sexual abuse scandal, his office has announced.

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MP blasts 'woolly-minded elite' running child services

The long-term sex abuse in Rotherham was repeatedly over-looked by a "liberal, woolly-minded, middle class elite" unable to understand the lives of inner-city children, according to a Labour MP.

Danczuk's Rochdale constituency was also blighted by a sex-trafficking scandal, instigated by a group of Pakistani men. Credit: PA

Writing in the Daily Mail, Simon Danczuk was highly critical of "media friendly" multiculturalism and suggested the abuse had been exacerbated by police, social services and child protection leaders overly concerned with political correctness.

The problems, I very firmly believe, all stem from the top. I believe that all those three agencies are run by a liberal, woolly-minded, middle-class elite who simply cannot conceive of the truly miserable lives that some inner-city children in this country are forced to endure, and who prefer to concentrate on media-friendly ideas such as multiculturalism, diversity and community values – rather than on something as wicked as the rape of a child. They do not pursue the perpetrators because, blinded by political correctness, they simply do not see the abuse.

– Simon Danczuk

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