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Gap narrows as Independence referendum approaches

The gap between the 'Yes' and 'No' votes in the Scottish independence referendum appears to be narrowing, according to a new poll.

The YouGov survey in tomorrow's Sun newspaper suggests the 'Yes' lead has shrunk from 22 points less than a month ago to just six.

Among those who have decided which way they are going to vote, 53% are against independence, with 47% in favour.

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Darling accused of 'blood on his hands' in mosque visit

Leader of the Better Together campaign, Alistair Darling, was accused of having "blood on his hands" over Iraq by hecklers during a visit to Glasgow Central Mosque.

While some people at the mosque shook his hands and posed for photographs, others looked on in disapproval and told them off.

One man demanded answers from Mr Darling on his views about the Israel-Gaza conflict, and on Labour's military intervention in Iraq under Tony Blair.

Abdull Oun challenged Mr Darling over Labour's actions in Iraq Credit: PA

Abdull Oun, aged 27, said he was an undecided voter.

My question was very simple: If I vote No, what are your views on the conflict, what are your views on military intervention?

He didn't answer, he just walked away. He just waved his hand, I was basically dismissed. He demands answers from Alex Salmond on issues like currency, but he couldn't give me answers.> He came here to meet and greet Muslims but it is a publicity stunt and it has failed.

– Abdull Oun, undecided voter
Deputy leader of the Scottish Labour party Anas Sarwar posed for a 'selfie' with Alistair Darling Credit: PA

Better Together spokesman David Whitton later denied Mr Darling had "run off", and said Mr Oun had been part of a crowd and couldn't get close enough to actually ask his questions, but said he had been spoken to after Mr Darling's meeting with the mosque committee.

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