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Loom band charm sales halted over 'cancer chemicals'

One of the UK's leading toy stores has taken loom band charms off its shelves after they were found to contain potentially harmful chemicals which have been linked to cancer.

The Entertainer said the charms could contain phthalates- used to soften plastics- which can also disrupt hormones in children and cause birth defects.

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Loom band charm supplier suspends sales

The supplier behind charms believed to contain high levels of cancer-causing chemicals has said they immediately suspended sales after the discovery.

Manchester-based RMS International, which provided the charms to The Entertainer, said it had also started re-testing all other relevant products.

RMS International has started re-testing all other relevant products Credit: Geoff Kirby/EMPICS Entertainment

A spokesman said:

We have been importing loom bands into the UK for a number of months and more recently added the charms. Our quality control department maintains due diligence and holds all the required paperwork and test reports.

When we became aware of other products in the market that may contain phthalates we suspended delivery and further shipments of any item containing a PVC charm. We also re-initiated testing of all relevant products.

– RMS International spokesman

They added that the problem only involved some of the PVC loom charms, not the loom bands, and advised any customers with concerns to return their product to where they bought it from.

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