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Gap narrows as Independence referendum approaches

The gap between the 'Yes' and 'No' votes in the Scottish independence referendum appears to be narrowing, according to a new poll.

The YouGov survey in tomorrow's Sun newspaper suggests the 'Yes' lead has shrunk from 22 points less than a month ago to just six.

Among those who have decided which way they are going to vote, 53% are against independence, with 47% in favour.

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MP cancels tour after 'intimidation' by Yes campaigners

A Glasgow MP has suspended his tour of Scotland ahead of the independence referendum, accusing 'yes' campaigners of "intimidation" tactics.

Labour MP Jim Murphy had hoped to speak in 100 high streets in 100 days to urge people to vote 'no' and stay in the United Kingdom - but he had been hounded by groups of pro-independence protesters.

Labour MP Jim Murphy was part-way through a tour promoting the Better Together campaign Credit: PA

He said he had been called a "terrorist", a "quisling" and a "defender of paedophiles" - and things came to a head in Kirkcaldy, Fife, yesterday when someone pelted him with eggs.

Announcing the tour's suspension, he said he had seen events take a "sinister turn for the worse".

This tour is intended as a way of getting out and about on Scotland's high streets to debate the referendum with undecided voters, and the first 70 meetings were great - passionate people on both sides.

But in the past fortnight, things have taken a sinister turn for the worse, and it has been organised and orchestrated by Yes Scotland, who are organising for mobs to turn up at each meeting to try and intimidate me, which won't work, and to try and silence undecided voters.

– Jim Murphy MP

A Yes Scotland spokesman said they condemn "all forms of abusive, dangerous and offensive behaviour", including the egg-throwing incident.

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