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Lib Dems pledge extra four weeks of paternity leave

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to extend paternity leave from two to six weeks, under manifesto plans unveiled today. It means parental leave would be extended to 58 weeks in total.

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Paternity leave plan 'will establish dads' role early on'

Giving fathers a 'use it or lose it' six weeks of paternity leave will encourage them to play a key role in the early life of their children, according to a Lib Dem minister.

The party is pledging to give fathers and mothers each six weeks of time off work, with another 46 weeks of leave to be shared between the parents as they see fit.

Fathers would be able to spend more time with their new born baby under the Lib Dem plans. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Business and Equalities Minister Jo Swinson said: "It is a nonsense to think it is only the mother's job to look after children. Parenting is a shared responsibility."

"The 'use it or lose' it six weeks will establish the important role of dads early on, and encourage couples to use the full flexibility on offer," she added.

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