Kate 'wears too much eyeliner' and could look 'sexier'

The Duchess of Cambridge could look "less middle-aged", Mackintosh said. Credit: PA

The Duchess of Cambridge "wears too much eyeliner", according to former Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh.

The reality TV star said she would love to give Kate a makeover and said her re-styling would look "less middle-aged".

"As a trained make-up artist and a fashion designer I would love to give the Duchess of Cambridge a makeover. I think Kate wears too much eyeliner," Mackintosh told the Mail on Sunday's You magazine.

Millie Mackintosh said the Duchess had "a gorgeous body". Credit: PA

"She would look great if she toned down the eyes, wore some bright lipstick and mixed up her hairstyle - a scraped-back high pony would look fantastic."

Mackintosh, who is launching a clothing line and is married to musician Professor Green, also believes should the royal could look "sexier" in different clothes.

"She'd look great in one of my little wrap dresses as she has such a gorgeous body and I think it would look fun - less middle-aged - and a bit sexier without being too revealing," said Mackintosh.