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NHS to fund Ashya King's treatment in Czech Republic

The NHS is to pay for five-year-old brain tumour patient Ashya King's proton beam therapy treatment in the Czech Republic.

His parents Brett and Naghemeh King sparked an international police hunt after they took their son out of Southampton General Hospital and travelled to Prague for the treatment which was not available for him on the NHS.

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  1. Sejal Karia - reporter

Ashya's parents appear to be victims of bureaucracy

Ashya King's parents are quite simply victims of bureaucracy it appears. The judge in Madrid who heard their case for the very first time today said that he had not received all the paperwork that he needs in a language that he understands, namely in Spanish.

He fears handing down a judgement in their case without being armed with all those facts. In the meantime he says that this couple should be detained in a jail, about 20 miles from Madrid. The Spanish authorities have argued that their hands are tied. Criminal procedures began when this couple were arrested under a European arrest warrant which was obtained by the British police.

British police would in turn argue that they have urged the couple to come forward voluntarily. But whatever the rights and wrongs are in this case, Ashya King's parents are being held in a Spanish prison, at least for the time being.

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