Ashya King to start proton therapy treatment plan in Prague

Five-year-old Ashya King is set to start a proton therapy treatment plan in the Czech Republic to help him beat brain cancer.

In a statement, the centre said the five-year-old had been fitted with a special treatment mask as well as undergoing a series of tests.

Brett and Naghmeh King removed Ashya from Southampton General Hospital on August 28 against doctors' advice, following a disagreement over his treatment.

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Czech proton therapy clinic 'ready to treat Ashya'

A Czech proton therapy centre says it is ready to treat Ashya King within the next few days.

The statement, issued on behalf of the Proton Therapy Center Czech, said:

The center is ready to accept Ashya King immediately if the specialists receive proper medical documentation from the UK doctors.

– Dr Jiri Kubes, Head of proton therapy

If Ashya is indicated for proton therapy, the center is keen on starting the treatment in a few days. The costs would be dealt with later on.

– Iva Tatounova, Director of Strategy at PTC Czech

A further statement added that the eventual cost of the treatment could be about a third of the cost in the US.

"European patients should have the right to access the treatment under the S2 rules or cross border health care act and have the treatment reimbursed," the centre's marketing manager said.

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