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'Ethnic cleansing on a historic scale' uncovered in Iraq

Islamic State militants are carrying out “ethnic cleansing on a historic scale” in northern Iraq, according to new evidence discovered by Amnesty International.

Survivors told the charity that ethnic minorities in the area were being “systematically and deliberately” targeted by the group.

Some described how men and boys were taken to the outskirts of villages in pick-up trucks, forced to squat over the edge of graves and shot execution-style.

Others said women and girls from the Yazidi minority were taken away from their families as slaves for the militants and threatened with rape.

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Iraq massacre survivor describes the horror of ordeal

A Yazidi survivor of a massacre has described the horror of hearing the injured crying out in pain but being unable to do anything.

Some could not move and could not save themselves; they lay there in agony waiting to die. They died a horrible death.

I managed to drag myself away and was saved by a Muslim neighbour; he risked his life to save me - he is more than a brother to me.

For 12 days he brought me food and water every night.

I could not walk and had no hope of getting away and it was becoming increasingly dangerous for him to continue to keep me there.

– Salem speaks to Amnesty International

He eventually escaped by donkey and rode to the mountains and over to the areas controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

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