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Yes and No campaigns battle it out in third Soctland debate

Leading figures from Yes Scotland and Better Together are taking part in a 'Town Hall' style debate in Edinburgh this evening. It comes as the latest polls show a gap of just 6% between the Yes and No vote.

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Passionate participants debate issue of child poverty

The topic now moves on to welfare and social justice, which pits the pro-independence actress Elaine C Smith against the Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale.

Both make a passionate case, with Dugdale arguing that "child poverty has gone down under Labour, it's only gone up under the SNP".

Smith admits "we won't disagree on very much" regarding the importance of child poverty, but says that "Westminster has had 50 years or more of my lifetime to make a difference". She argues that Scotland needs to have full control over the levers of power to turn the statistics around.

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