Ashya King to start proton therapy treatment plan in Prague

Five-year-old Ashya King is set to start a proton therapy treatment plan in the Czech Republic to help him beat brain cancer.

In a statement, the centre said the five-year-old had been fitted with a special treatment mask as well as undergoing a series of tests.

Brett and Naghmeh King removed Ashya from Southampton General Hospital on August 28 against doctors' advice, following a disagreement over his treatment.

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Ashya 'couldn't breathe he was so happy' to see family

Brett King said his son became overwhelmed with happiness upon seeing his family for the first time since they were released from prison. Speaking as he left through the back door of the hospital with his son Danny, he said;

He couldn't breathe he was so happy. He was so pleased to see us. We're tying to be hopeful. Tomorrow I meet with the cancer specialist. He's not in such a good state as when we left him - spirit depressed since his parents left him. We'll do what it takes. Not much else to do.

– Brett King, Ashya's father

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