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Man charged with murder of 'beheaded' grandma

Police have charged 25-year-old Nicholas Salvador with the murder of grandmother Palmira Silva, who was 'beheaded' in her back garden on Thursday.

Salvador is alleged to have killed a cat before attacking the 82-year-old pensioner in Edmonton, north London in broad daylight.

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Neighbour: Woman killed was 'such a sweet lady'

A neighbour who knew victim 82-year-old Palmira Silva said she was "such a sweet lady" who still went to work every day in a nearby cafe.

Her husband died about five years ago. I think she came from Italy originally.

I was speaking to her yesterday. She was weeding in the front garden, she loved her gardening.

She was sitting having a rest.

I said 'You've been doing such hard work, your flowers are beautiful'. She said 'I know'.

I think maybe today she was in the back garden.

She was such a sweet lady. She was slow getting around but she still went to work. I think really after her husband died that's what kept her going.

– Neighbour

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said she had known her since 1987, adding that she was left "devastated" by the news.

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