Ashya King to start proton therapy treatment plan in Prague

Five-year-old Ashya King is set to start a proton therapy treatment plan in the Czech Republic to help him beat brain cancer.

In a statement, the centre said the five-year-old had been fitted with a special treatment mask as well as undergoing a series of tests.

Brett and Naghmeh King removed Ashya from Southampton General Hospital on August 28 against doctors' advice, following a disagreement over his treatment.

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PM: Common sense 'in the end won out' in Ashya case

David Cameron has said "common sense in the end won out" after five-year-old Ashya King was finally reunited with his parents.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the Prime Minister said: "Having had a disabled child often in hospital, often fed through a tube those pictures absolutely meant so much to me.

"The thought of having your much-loved boy separated from you for all those hours and days I can't think of anything more painful for a parent."

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