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Knife-wielding man shot dead by police in north London

A man has been shot dead by police after threatening a woman with a knife at a house in London.

Several shots were fired during the incident at Shepperton Road in Islington at around 1am and the 40-year-old man died 20 minutes later while on route to the hospital, Scotland Yard said.

The woman was not harmed but is being treated for shock.

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Neighbours heard volley of gunshots 'like fireworks'

A volley of gunshots "like fireworks" were heard by neighbours as police shot dead a man who was threatening a woman with a knife in north London.

Police at the scene in Shepperton Road, Islington, London. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Pictures taken by eyewitnesses showed a middle-aged woman in a pink blanket being comforted by a police officer as she was led away from the house in Shepperton Road in Islington.

I was woken up to shouts and immediately afterwards to what sounded like four or five bangs. They were gunshots.

I think I heard five gunshots, but a gunshot in real life doesn't sound like it does on TV. It sounded like loud bangs on a door. Bang, bang, bang. Then I realised, if it's somebody banging on the door, why can I hear it?

– Lyssa Barber, neighbour

I thought I heard fireworks, that's what it sounded like to me. It was around 1am. The shots didn't last long at all, but it wasn't a standard type of firework sound. It sounded different.

– Daniel Keane, neighbour

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