Alex Salmond laughs off Sussex bonfire effigy

SNP leader Alex Salmond has issued a light-hearted response over plans to burn him in effigy at a bonfire night in the east Sussex town of Lewes.

Mr Salmond said he was "in pretty good company" as German Chancellor Angela Merkel had also "got the burning treatment" in previous years.

East Sussex County Council tweeted this picture of the Alex Salmond effigy. Credit: Twitter/East Sussex County Council

In the end Mr Salmond's likeness was not burnt, after a backlash against the idea.

Sussex Police said a complaint had been made and they were now looking into it.

East Sussex County Council also distanced themselves from the idea.

But Mr Salmond was not taking things too seriously, saying: "I think their judgment is askew but if they think I'm a threat to the Westminster establishment like Guy Fawkes, they are right."

However he took exception to the "outrageous" addition of the Loch Ness Monster to the effigy.