Nicola Sturgeon: Voters have 48 hours to get Tories out

Nicola Sturgeon has told voters they have "48 hours to get the Tories out" as she accused David Cameron of descending "into desperation".

The SNP leader behind the children's playhouse in Livingston today. Credit: PA Wire

After the prime minister warned of "five long years" of a minority Labour government reliant on "bribes" to the SNP, Ms Sturgeon said David Cameron's campaign "had descended into desperation".

Speaking at an event in Livingston, the SNP leader said: "(There are) 48 hours to get the Tories out, to get an alternative to austerity and to make Scotland's voice heard."

She went on: "The fact of the matter is, if there's an anti-Tory majority on Friday morning, I want to see that anti-Tory majority come together to get the Tories out, but then make sure that it's replaced with something better."