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'Devastated' Kevin Pietersen accuses cricket bosses of 'deceit'

The England and Wales Cricket Board's new director of cricket Andrew Strauss has cited a "massive trust issue" as the reason for effectively ending Kevin Pietersen's international career.

In a column for the Telegraph, Pietersen has said he was 'devastated' by the decision and accused cricket bosses of 'deceit'.

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Devastated Pietersen accuses cricket bosses of 'deceit'

Kevin Pietersen has accused cricket bosses of being "incredibly deceitful" as he said he was "devastated" his chances of being recalled to England were over.

The England and Wales Cricket Board's new director of cricket, Andrew Strauss, today cited a "massive trust issue" as the reason for ending the batsman's international career.

Kevin Pietersen Credit: PA

In a first-person piece for The Telegraph, Pietersen has questioned why he was given hope to believe he could earn his way back into the team, when it now seems there was never any intention to let him return.

He also criticised Strauss and his team for, he said, leaking the story to the media.

They have used the word trust to justify not selecting me, well, trust is a two-way thing. I couldn’t believe just half an hour after I had my meeting, the result of it was on the internet and on the BBC airwaves. Now I certainly didn’t tell anybody, so who did? They say they don’t trust me but how can anybody trust them?

Nobody has called me. I have given up my IPL contract, at great expense, to play in county cricket. Surrey did not have any funds free to pay me so I said I would play for nothing, just a donation to charity, and it is horrendous to feel I have been led down the garden path. They knew all along this was a dead end for me.

I just find it incredibly deceitful what has happened to me and am frankly finding difficult to understand right now. I have done everything I have been asked. I keep asking myself, what more could I do?

– Kevin Pietersen

He will now be travelling to India, he said, to take part in the final stages of a tournament with Sunrisers Hyderabad and to assess what he will do next. "I'm just sorry it won't be putting on an England shirt," he added.

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