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PM: Britain a step closer to striking EU reforms deal

David Cameron has said Britain is a step closer to getting a better EU deal after summit talks in Brussels.

The Prime Minister said the meeting had been "difficult" but Britain was "on a pathway" to striking a deal in February.

Other EU leaders have called Cameron's immigration demands, which include banning migrant benefits until they have been in the country four years, "unacceptable".

Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic issued a statement rejecting any British demands that are "discriminatory" or limits free movement of EU citizens.

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PM: Best place for Britain is in EU, if reforms right

David Cameron has said that Britain's best future is the EU, providing member states can get proposed reforms right.

Speaking at the end of a two-day EU summit in Brussels, the PM said Britain's leading role in an "unstable world" on issues of security highlights the importance of the ongoing renegotiation. Mr Cameron had been speaking about the UK's role in global security and the fight agaist the self-proclaimed Islamic State - also referred to as Daesh.

In an unstable world, Britain is playing a leading role in the EU on issues of security, working with other member states so we better protect our people...

... I believe if we can get these reforms right - and I believe that we can - I firmly believe that for our economic security and increasingly for our national security, the best future for Britain is in a reformed European Union.

– David Cameron

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