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'Human catastrophe' unfolding in Fallujah, aid agency warns

A "human catastrophe" is unfolding in Fallujah as Iraqi forces continue their fight against IS, aid agencies have warned.

It is estimated that 50,000 civilians are still inside the Iraqi city and humanitarian groups have renewed calls on both sides to open up safe corridors for non-combatants to flee.

The UN have reported people starving to death in the city and being killed for refusing to fight for terror groups.

There are also reports IS were using hundreds of families as human shields during the assault.

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Iraqi troops repel four-hour attack by IS in Fallujah

Smoke rises from clashes near Fallujah. Credit: Reuters

Iraqi troops attempting to reclaim the city of Fallujah have repelled a four-hour attack by so-called Islamic State in the south of the city.

The attack started at dawn on Tuesday in the Nuaimiya area, according to special forces officers.

The officers said IS militants used tunnels, deployed snipers and sent six explosives-laden cars to hit the troops, but they were destroyed before reaching their targets.

The previous day Iraqi troops captured almost 85% of the ground in the same area when they first entered the city.

Fallujah, which has been under IS control for more than two years, is 40 miles west of Baghdad and is the last major city in western Iraq still under control of the group.

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