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Live updates: Leadsom motherhood row

Andrea Leadsom has appeared to suggest being a mother makes her a better choice for prime minister than Theresa May, who has no children.

Latest updates:

  • The comments, made in an interview with The Times, have sparked a backlash
  • Leadsom said she was "disgusted" and accused the newspaper of "gutter journalism"
  • The Times has defended its story, releasing an audio recording and transcript
  • A Tory backbencher told ITV News that Leadsom should withdraw from leadership race
  • Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Leadsom's 'personal criticism' was 'unfair and wrong'
  • Leadsom said she has apologised to Theresa May
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Corbyn criticises Andrea Leadsom's motherhood comments

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has criticised Andrea Leadsom's controversial motherhood comments about Theresa May.

"She [Leadsom] shouldn't be raising it as a way of criticism, it shouldn't raised as a matter of public debate," he said in an interview with ITV News.

"A man would never be asked those questions - why should a woman be asked those questions?"

They are both putting themselves forward for leadership of their party, it's up to them to have what I hope will be a serious, intelligent and mature debate about the policies each would wish to follow as leader, not reduce it to this sort of level of personal criticism, it's unfair and it's wrong.

– Jeremy Corbyn

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