'We can't just be a Parliament for 52% of the population'

Rebel Labour MP Rachael Maskell has warned that Parliament needs to represent all parts of society - not just those who voted in favour of Brexit.

The York Central representative was among the 47 Labour MPs to vote against triggering Article 50, having resigned from the Shadow Cabinet in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's three-line whip to vote in favour.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, she said her constituency had voted to remain in the EU, and she felt it was important to ensure their views were represented in the Commons.

It is about representing the voices out there - we can't just be a Parliament for 52 per cent of the country, which is what the government wants to do.

We've got 100 per cent of people living in our country that are obviously concerned about their future, and what's really important is that Parliament reflects that, reflects the diversity of different parts of our country.

We've got to find a way through that finds that voice for everybody.

– Rachael Maskell MP