Pope condemns 'ignoble' bomb attack on Syrian civilians

Pope Francis called for peace efforts in a war that 'does not cease to sow horror and death' Credit: PA

Pope Francis has condemned an "ignoble" attack on a Syrian bus convoy that killed more than 100 people as he made his Easter sermon.

The pontiff specifically addressed Saturday's deadly bomb blast in a call for peace during a sermon to thousands of followers in St Peter's square.

"Yesterday's was the latest ignoble attack on fleeing refugees," he said.

May (God) in a particular way sustain the efforts of those who are actively working to bring healing and comfort to the civilian population of Syria, the beloved and martyred Syria, who are victims of a war that does not cease to sow horror and death.

– Pope Francis

The blast hit buses carrying civilians trying to escape rebel territory in an evacuation deal between the warring sides.