Voters get fewer choices under political alliances

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Paul Brand

Voters may have fewer choices on the ballot paper under political alliances that have seen parties band together in an effort to beat common enemies.

Tonight was the launch of the Progressive Alliance, an unofficial arrangement between left-wing parties like the Greens, Labour and Lib Dems to stand aside in some seats to boost one chosen candidate.

Jonathan Bartley, the co-leader of the Green Party, maintained that such agreements were not undemocratic.

"It's the first past the post system that's robbing voters of a choice," he said. "It splits the vote artificially and it always makes it into a two-horse race."

Ukip are also not standing against pro-Brexit candidates in a move that will mostly benefit the Conservatives.

Voters had mixed feelings on the move, with some saying they were in favour whilst others arguing that it was pointless and limiting.