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Belfast holds first ever Ginger Pride Festival

Belfast's first Ginger Pride Festival got underway on Saturday afternoon.

The week-long event is described as a celebration of 'all things ginger' and begins with a street party in the city centre.

It's expected to be the biggest gathering of gingers in Ireland in 2017.

Credit: UTV

The organiser, Stevie McIntyre, told UTV he felt Belfast needed its own ginger festival because there are so many gingers here.

"We have live, ginger musicians all day and entertainment, we have gingerbread decorating and we have 500 ginger-haired people coming down to have a good time," he said.

"It's been huge, it's actually sold out three times, we've had to keep extending capacity - on social media we've reached 5,000 people.

"I think it's because everyone knows someone with red hair."

Credit: UTV

But he said the event is all about inclusion and not only gingers are invited to take part over the week.

"We've had enough exclusion growing up so we're letting everyone come along and join us and show them gingers do have soul and they're up for a bit of a laugh at themselves," he said.