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Postman comes to the rescue after child suffers seizure

Caleb and the postman have hit it off since the rescue. Photo: UTV

A young mother from Coleraine is hailing her local postman as a hero for saving her child's life.

Megan McCandless says her 15-month-old son Caleb stopped breathing - but postman Darren Dickson used his first-aid training to bring him round.

The happy toddler had suffered a life-threatening seizure when the postie managed to deliver some life-saving help.

Mr Dickson said: "I put him over my knee and massaged his back, he was sweating, unconscious almost.

Credit: UTV

"I put my finger in his mouth because I thought he was choking and got his tongue forward, then he started coughing a little bit.

"He starting coming round and he started to scream - it was the best sound I had heard in a while to be honest!"

Megan McCandless has thanked the life-saving postman.

"I honestly thought he was dead, I didn't know what was wrong with him, I'm forever greatful for what he's done for me," she said.

And now, Darren and little Caleb have hit it off - but despite tips from his new postman pal, Caleb's delivery technique needs a bit of work.