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Fighting Famine: Education at risk

Four million Kenyans are expected to require humanitarian assistance by July of this year, with severe drought affecting parts of the country.

While the most affected sectors are nutrition, food security, water and livestock - education is also at huge risk.

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Just over 1,400 pupils are enrolled at St Lwanga Nakwamekwi Primary School in Lodwar in the county of Turkana.

It caters for boys and girls between the ages of eight and 18. But not even half of the pupils reported back to school after the May Day holidays.

Teacher Joel Ekuwom said: “The children themselves get weak, others get sick, obviously from preventable diseases, because of deficiency.

“It is true that the children cannot be kept in school because there is no food in the school, they don’t come to school and we have no control over that as teachers.”

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We travelled with Trócaire to the county of Turkana in north west Kenya where the situation is so bad, around 42% of households in this area eat only one meal per day.

What we've witnessed over the last few days is the real contrast of Africa - disease and drought, starvation and famine but also hope and recovery.

The United Nations together with humanitarian partners have appealed for more than $160 million dollars to provide lifesaving assistance and to safeguard livelihoods.

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The people of Turkana are a proud and resilient people.

They don't feel alone, but know they are part of a wider global problem - and surely we all have a duty to find a resolution to the problem?

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