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‘Sickening’ hate attack on family in north Belfast

Kourtney O'Riordan spoke to UTV about the attack on her home. Credit: UTV

A young mother-of-three has described an attack on her home in north Belfast as “sickening”.

Not only was the property wrecked, but sinister graffiti covered the living room - and, on top of that, those responsible gloated by daubing the words ‘ha ha’ on the walls.

Kourtney O'Riordan, whose children are all aged under three, said she is now afraid to return to the home.

“It’s sickening,” she told UTV.

It's heartbreaking to think anyone would do this.

– Kourtney O'Riordan

She added: “To think, in this day and age, people are actually still doing attacks like this - on my children who have done nothing to anyone.”

The family had just moved to the house on the Cliftonville Road a few months ago and it was meant to be a new start for them.

Kourtney and her children had been staying with their granny when the attack happened just last week.

Credit: UTV

When she came back to pick up some things with her friend, they realised there were some unwanted visitors inside.

The intruders fled on foot out the back, leaving behind a trail of damage.

But even more concerning is the sinister warnings daubed all over the walls, filled with racist hate and taking joy in what they had done.

Credit: UTV

Kourtney went on: “I’m destroyed ... it’s disgusting.

“I can’t put it into words. That’s why I’m over with my mummy - we couldn’t risk it happening again.”

Police are treating the attack on the family's home as a racially-motivated hate crime.

But the incident has forced a young mother and her children out of their home and left their future now uncertain.