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Glimpse of hope after rare ‘tooth in eye’ surgery

Honor Davis tries to look at her daughter for the first time ever following her incredible surgery. Credit: UTV

In the next stage of one Co Down woman’s battle against blindness, UTV documents her trip to Brighton – one of very few places in the world where rare ‘tooth in eye’ surgery can be carried out.

Reporter Judith Hill travelled with 65-year-old Honor Davis from her Bangor hometown to the East Sussex Eye Hospital for the highly delicate operation that could help restore her sight.

Honor lost her vision when she developed a rare skin and eye disorder, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, when she was aged just 26.

“I’ve waited for this day for a long time,” she said.

Credit: UTV

The surgery may be a daunting prospect and, for Honor, so much is riding on its success as she longs for a chance to see the faces of her children and grandchildren.

However, she has placed her trust in the skills of Professor Christopher Liu and his team.

And the surgeon promises her that, despite the complications already thrown up, he will do his best.

“When you wake up, whatever you find is my best,” he tells Honor.

Credit: UTV

Honor had previously had a tooth removed, a hole drilled in it and a lens fitted before the tooth was then implanted beneath her eye.

Now, in an intricate operation, that tooth will be implanted directly into her eye.

The surgery can take six painstaking hours – but just 24 hours later, there may already be initial signs of whether or not it has made a difference.

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And for Honor, those first glimpses of light seem miraculous.

It is, however, very early days and sight restoration is a process that takes weeks and months.

With a first ever look at her daughter to sustain her, Honor returns home to continue her journey and, on Friday, UTV will reveal whether this incredible operation can truly be the miracle she needs.

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