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‘Lucky to be alive’ - Belfast assault victim relives vicious ordeal

A teenager who was left with multiple injuries following a “vicious attack” after a DJ Tiesto gig in Belfast last month, has told UTV that “he is lucky to be alive.”

Jason Tuite from Dundalk, Co Louth, was attending Belfast Vital with friends at Boucher Road playing fields on Saturday 26 August, when he was assaulted as he was trying to find his bus to return home.

The 16-year-old suffered a shattered cheekbone, dislocated shoulder and a rip to the back of one eye which may result in permanent vision loss. Jason also lost a testicle in the attack.

Jason said: “I was standing up for most of it, then I went to the ground and then all of them were just kicking me. It all happened in about four to five minutes, they just kept attacking me."

He said the attack had changed his life: “I can’t do sport no more, I liked sport, I was big into it and now that has stopped.”

Jason Tuite is facing months of rehabilitation following a vicious attack which left the 16-year-old with multiple injuries. Credit: UTV

Jason’s mother Kay said they didn’t know the true extent of his injuries when he arrived home after the concert.

She said: “His eye was like a balloon. I knew it was bad but I didn’t know any of his other injuries until we got to the hospital. They said every bone was shattered in his cheekbone. It was frightening.”

Jason’s father Kevin said: “He practically had to get his face rebuilt, he was lucky, if it happens again some other person might not be as lucky.”

Police are investigating the incident but as yet there have been no arrests.

Detective Inspector Richard Thornton said: “While our investigation is ongoing, there were over 42,000 people who attended the concert that night, so we are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed this horrendous incident, who has yet to come forward and speak to us about it, to contact us.

He continued: “We would particularly like to talk to a white male in his late teens who was seen standing on the steps of a white bus, wearing denim shorts and no top. He is described as having short dark hair, of average build and height and had a northern Irish accent.

“It is reported that following a verbal exchange, this male kicked and punched the 16-year-old in the face, before another four men got out of the bus and became involved in the assault. If you were on that bus, indeed, if you were the driver of that bus, come forward and talk to us."