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NI political donors set to be named as legislation put before Parliament


The secrecy surrounding political donations in Northern Ireland is set to end as the government has begun the process of lifting the ban on the publication of donor details.

Earlier this year the Secretary of State had given a timeframe of the Autumn for this to happen.

The Electoral Commission had earlier expressed disappointment that they had not able to publish the information on Thursday as planned.

But the Northern Ireland Office confirmed that legislation, which has up until now prevented the details of those who make donations to political parties in the region from being released, is to change.

The NIO has said that legislation has now been laid at Westminster and will begin its journey to become law.

The Electoral Commission responded to the development in a statement:

“We are pleased that the UK Government has acted to make this important change a reality.

“Transparency in how our political parties are funded is key to ensuring public trust and confidence in the democratic process. We hope to be able to begin publishing this information early in the New Year.”

This legislative move will only cover donors from July 2017 and will not be backdated.