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Parents on life with Lacey after losing four siblings to same condition

An east Belfast family who have had four children die from a rare condition say they want to do all they can to enrich the life of their three-year-old daughter, who has the same illness.

Little Lacey Pollock spent the first two years of her life in hospital because of the as-yet undiagnosed condition, which is life-limiting.

She needs 24 hour care - she doesn’t walk or talk and is fed through a peg, and needs oxygen at night.

Her mum, Jamie Pollock, said: “There is no diagnosis.

“We just take each day as it comes. Lacey is happy and she’s loved unconditionally and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.”

The Pollocks now want to transform their garden into a place where Lacey and her brothers can make memories together, and remember the loved ones they have lost.

Jamie added: “We don’t know how long we’ve got Lacey for, we just want to make her life as nice while we can."


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