DUP set to back Labour motion on NHS pay cap

The DUP may side with Labour to end the public sector pay cap in the NHS. Credit: PA

The DUP has said it will back a Labour motion in favour of ending the public sector pay cap in the NHS.

It means the Government could face defeat in a vote in the Commons, as it only commands a majority because of its deal with the Democratic Unionists.

In a statement, DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds said: “The DUP wants to see fair pay for public sector workers.

We have consistently argued against the pay cap therefore will be voting for the motion in the House of Commons today.

– Nigel Dodds

“Whilst others chased headlines and engaged in House of Commons stunts during the Queen’s Speech debate, the DUP has sought to ensure public servants throughout the United Kingdom get a fair deal.

“We welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment to flexibility on the pay cap. At the General Election, the Government received a clear message about austerity. The Chancellor has said he is “not deaf” to the voice of the electorate.

“Having delivered hundreds of millions of extra pounds for health, education and public services through our deal with the Government, we will continue to deliver on other key objectives both for Northern Ireland and for the United Kingdom as a whole."

It comes as an opposition day debate takes place in the Commons on Wednesday.

Earlier, DUP MP for North Antrim Ian Paisley said: "I must say that myself and my colleagues are minded to support the motion ... put before the House this evening."