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Touch, paws, engage! Pets prepare for Wales' clash against Ireland

Bruce is one of Wales' biggest fans Credit: Susan Dobbs Photography

It's not only humans who are getting excited about the start of the Six Nations.

And no one is more excited than Bruce the rescue dog.

Bruce spends hours throwing his ball around for himself, kicking up and down the hall way and chasing after it.

He has now got his eye on the ball ready for this Six Nations!

If your pets are getting ready for the rugby why not send us your pictures to

Colin is rooting for Wales today. Credit: Jane Milner
Judy the three-legged staffy is supporting the boys in red. Credit: Sali Jenkins
  1. Adrian Masters

UKIP councillor in candidate row removed from list

Kevin Mahoney had criticised UKIP's selection process Credit: ITV Wales News

The UKIP councillor who criticised the party's plans for the selection of regional candidates in the Assembly election is no longer on the list of candidates. I understand that disciplinary action was taken against Kevin Mahoney for going public with his concerns about 'cronyism' in the selection process.He'd said he would resign if former Conservative MPs Mark Reckless and Neil Hamilton along with UKIP press officer Alexandra Phillips were included on regional lists.

UKIP has said that party members in Wales will be given the final say on the order in which candidates are ranked. You can see the party's leader in Wales Nathan Gill explaining the decision here.

Kevin Mahoney has issued a statement after learning of the disciplinary action at a meeting on Saturday.

It is with great regret that I must honour the pledge that I gave on national television recently that out of a sense of preserving my own personal integrity and honesty I will not associate myself with those personalities described in the media, as candidates, who have been parachuted into Wales by the UKIP hierarchy in order to leapfrog local Welsh-based activists on the regional list for the May Assembly election.

I have regularly placed on record that, along with the majority of the British public, I despise the political class from all parties. I loathe their sense of entitlement and the fact that they arrogantly view local voters as being there for their own political career enhancement, hence the cynical and parasitical hopping from constituency to constituency, pledging their undying love for any area whose constituency party will accept them as their candidate. I had hoped that UKIP would rise above the political cronyism that has always infected the other parties, but I’m afraid that this is not the case.

I am delighted that my public stand against the political cronyism within UKIP and its national and Welsh leadership has resulted in a forcing of the decision to give the entire membership of Wales a vote on the list order which had been previously been denied to them.

– Cllr Kevin Mahoney


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