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Welsh medical experts unite in new bid to tackle cancer

Doctor examines mammogram for signs of breast cancer Credit: PA

Wales' leading medical experts are coming together in a renewed bid to beat cancer.

An agreement has been made between Cardiff University and the Velindre NHS Trust, that sets out the basis for closer collaboration between the two organisations.

One in three people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and one in four will die of the disease.

It's hoped this new agreement will bring us one step closer to overcoming cancer.

This Agreement represents a further commitment to the continuing challenge to find new and effective treatments for cancer.

There are great advantages to aligning our work in a more formal and coordinated way.

World-leading scientists working alongside frontline clinicians have the potential to deliver the maximum benefit for cancer patients.

– Professor Colin Riordan, Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University

Royal British Legion launches annual poppy appeal

Money raised from the poppies goes towards caring for serving and ex-serving personnel and their families Credit: Leon Neal / PA Archive

The Royal British Legion launches its annual Poppy Appeal today, almost a century on from when it was first set up.

The appeal was first created to help those returning from the First World War, and now a hundred years later it continues to help today's Armed Forces families.

Money raised through the Poppy Appeal goes directly to The Royal British Legion's welfare work, providing through life care to both serving and ex-service personnel and their families.

The appeal will be officially launched in Wales with the arrival of HMS Somerset into Cardiff Bay.


NSPCC: "Children are being increasingly exposed to sexual messages from adults"

The NSPCC in Wales is launching its latest campaign to highlight the dangers of online sexual abuse.

The Flaw in the Law campaign aims to make it a crime for an adult to send a child a sexual message.

It comes as the latest figures reveal the number of children making calls to ChildLine about the issue more than doubled last year.

No adult should be deliberately sending sexual messages to children, but incredibly it is not always illegal. Existing laws are a hotch-potch and sex offenders can and do exploit the loopholes.

The rise of online communication means that children are increasingly being exposed to sexual messages from adults, on social networks or through messaging apps, but in many cases the police are powerless to act.

Currently, old laws are being stretched to fit new paedophile behaviour. The Serious Crime Bill now being debated in Parliament is a unique opportunity to tailor the law to better protect children from sexual abuse. And we need the public to get behind our Flaw in the Law campaign.

– Des Mannion, Head of NSPCC in Wales
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Plaid leader claims her party's the only real alternative

Although Plaid Cymru's main focus is normally on winning power in the Assembly, it's holding a very Westminster focused conference in Llangollen over the next two days. The party's leader, Leanne Wood, sees her speech later today as an important opportunity to get her General Election message across, as she gets far fewer opportunities than the leaders of other Westminster parties.

Leanne Wood is looking to provide a positive alternative to her political rivals. Credit: Benjamin Wright/PA Wire

She'll call them "four shades of Westminster grey", a four that includes UKIP, the new rival that out polled Plaid in the European election. Leanne Wood claims that Plaid's mission is to provide a positive alternative to what she calls "the dark side of politics". She says she saw that alternative -the politics of hope- when she campaigned for a yes vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

The Plaid leader says the party could emerge from the election with five Westminster seats, up from its current three, and form a group with its SNP and English Green allies that could hold the balance of power. They would use that influence to push for a move away from austerity in economic policy and demand that policing, justice and control of natural resources are devolved to the Assembly, together with major tax and borrowing powers.

Farm owner due to be sentenced on forced labour charge

David Daniel Doran Credit: Gwent Police

Farm owner David Daniel Doran, also known as Daniel Doran Junior will be sentenced today on a forced labour charge.

He pleaded guilty to forcing a vulnerable man to work for him for more than 13 years without pay.

The court heard how Darrell Simester was found in an 'appalling' state on Cariad Farm near Newport last year.

The former warehouse worker said he worked 15-hour days without pay and was made to live in a rat-infested shed for a decade.

Calls to ChildLine about online abuse rise dramatically

The number of children making calls to the helpline more than doubled Credit: PA

The number of children in Wales making calls to ChildLine about issues of online sexual abuse almost doubled last year, rising by 168% - an average of seven counselling sessions a day.

ChildLine's bases in Wales spoke to 238 children about the issue last year alone.

One teenager who contacted a service base in Wales said:

"I met someone in a chat room who said they were a teenager. We got on really well so I didn't think anything of giving them my phone number and saying where I lived. They started talking to me about sex and I then found out that they're actually really old! I feel so stupid for giving out my details and now I'm scared about what might happen"

The rise in children's cries for help comes as the NSPCC launches its 'Flaw in the Law' campaign, which makes it a crime for an adult to send a child a sexual message.

According to recent figures 71% of Welsh adults believe it is already illegal for someone over 18 to send a sexual message to a child under 16, despite the fact no such offence exists.

Over 90% of those asked said they would support a change in the law, and the NSPCC is now urging the public to back its campaign.

Read more: How you can get involved with ChildLine


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