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Wet and windy around coasts

by Ruth Wignall

Today: It will be a dry start for many, though rather cloudy. Then increasingly breezy into the afternoon with rain arriving, heaviest and most persistent in the west with hill fog. Driest and brightest in the far east. Maximum Temperature 18 °C.

Tonight: Rather cloudy at times, especially during the first part of the evening with rain gradually easing and clearing. Clear spells will develop later, with isolated showers overnight. Winds will ease. Minimum Temperature 12 °C.

Saturday: Cloudy in places at first with patchy rain for some. Becoming dry everywhere during the afternoon, with spells of sunshine. It should feel quite warm away from breezier coasts. Maximum Temperature 19 °C.


Man arrested after death of Caerphilly 26-year-old

A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder following the death of a 26-year-old from Caerphilly.

Jake Mark Sweeny died yesterday following an incident outside the Irish Tymes pub on Station Terrace in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Police want to speak to anyone who was in the area between 1-2am on Sunday 24th August.

Almost half of adults in UK 'have suffered insomnia'

Almost half of Britain's adults have suffered a bout of insomnia, leaving them unable to sleep for nights on end, research from sleep experts has found.

According to the Sleep Council:

  • 48% have suffered from Insomnia
  • 22% have lost sleep because of Restless Leg Syndrome
  • 18% suffer night terrors or nightmares and a further 14% struggle with Nocturia (an excessive need to urinate)

Three-quarters 'suffer sleep problems due to stress'

Some 72% of Britain's adults have their sleep damaged by everyday stress, a study has revealed.

September can be one of the most stressful months, health professionals have warned. Credit: PA

Data from the Sleep Council shed light on how difficult it was for some people to get a full night's sleep.

Some 48% suffer from insomnia and 26% told the Sleep Council a good night's rest helped them to relieve stress.

Only 27% of 2,035 people quizzed by Opinion Matters said they were able to regularly get enough rest.

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Older people being 'left behind' in jobs market

Older people are being given much less help and support to get them back into work compared with young people.

That's according to Welsh charity Prime Cymru which says over 40% of unemployed men over 50 in Wales are still jobless after a year - compared to 18% of younger men.

Job Centre Plus
Credit: PA Images

Younger women are also twice as likely to find employment within a year than women over 50.

The charity also highlights that the vast majority of programmes, projects and employability schemes are targeted at young people.

It's now calling on the Welsh Government to provide equal support for older entrepreneurs.

"The barriers facing jobless older people are often different to those facing younger jobseekers but the effects on them and their families are equally devastating. "As the Welsh Government introduces incentives for employers to recruit and employ younger people, it creates a disincentive for employers to recruit older workers. "An ageless Jobs Growth Wales programme would provide a level playing field and opportunities for everyone in Wales who needs help." "Now is the time for the Welsh Government to commit to adapt current programmes, remove age barriers and ensure that all future employment, training and skills programmes are age proofed to ensure they are fair, appropriate and more importantly, available to everyone."

– David Pugh, Chief Executive of PRIME Cymru

The Welsh Government however disagrees with the findings and says it provides programmes which allow entrepreneurs of any age to start their own business.

"Although we welcome Prime Cymru's recognition of the success of Jobs Growth Wales, these latest comments are just plain wrong.

"We have worked with Prime Cymru as part of Our Business Start-up programme, which provides opportunities for entrepreneurs of any age to start their own business. Our latest figures show that 18% of people who have registered for the service are over the age of 50.

"Let's also not forget that young people face a number of barriers to employment, including the lack of proven work experience which older people should have. That's why we established Jobs Growth Wales. A programme for older workers would look very different."

– Welsh Government Spokesperson

Finding affordable childcare is "down to luck"

Children in park

A report, published by the Family and Childcare Trust shows that finding decent, affordable care for children is down to luck for many families in the UK.

The study shows just 5% of local authorities in Wales provide sufficient out-of-school activities for 12 to 14-year-olds - compared to 27% in England.

It claims that there is "widespread shortages" in out of school and holiday care, and calls for more attention to be paid to the issue.

Less than half of the council in Wales had enough term-time out-of-school care for five to 11-year-olds:

"Far too many parents face a never ending battle to secure affordable, quality childcare just so that they can go to work to provide for their families.....Local authorities must, with the support of Government, implement action plans to tackle the severe lack of childcare for school-age children."


The Welsh Government say they've put aside £2.3 million to help with childcare before and after the school day for 2014/15:

"We recognise that childcare is an important issue for many families in Wales, especially working parents, and will continue to take action on this front."

– Welsh Government spokesman
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