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Companies 'lining up to be involved' in Metro scheme

Credit: Welsh Government

The Welsh Government says there's been 'incredibly positive feedback' from the transport industry on plans for a Metro system.

It would involve a combination of heavy and light rail, and bus transport across South Wales.

Today a publicity campaign's being launched on the Valleys lines.

The Metro project represents the future of public transport in South East Wales which will provide faster journey times and more frequent services covering a greater area. It is an ambitious project linking people and jobs across South Wales in a fast, efficient and environmentally positive way.

– Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister

Warning issued of 'Manic Monday' traffic chaos

The AA have issued a warning of possible traffic chaos today, as 'convoys' of vans hit the roads to deliver goods bought by shoppers on Black Friday.

Credit: PA / File photo

The motoring association added that today could see a 25% hike in attempted deliveries.

Monday is often the worst day for attempted deliveries as more people are at work so on top of the extra traffic there will be added congestion due to multiple delivery attempts. Don't think you will be safe at work as increasingly on-line shoppers are giving work addresses for deliveries - some receptionists could be in for a very manic Monday

– Edmund King, AA president

Half of Welsh mums 'drink as much or more' than their grown children

A new survey has revealed that nearly half of mums from Wales admit to drinking as much or more than their grown children, the second highest proportion in the UK.

Credit: PA

The survey, conducted by YouGov, also found that 1 in 3 Welsh mums admitted to drinking more after their children left home.

Other findings include:

of mums in Wales drink more than 10 drinks per week.
of Mums surveyed across the UK said they weren't worried about the consequences.

Whilst many believe it is the 20-somethings who are drinking too much, we are actually seeing an epidemic amongst British women aged 45-64. This is the fastest group of hazardous drinkers who are potentially putting their health at risk.

Women in this age group seem to be drinking more alcohol, more regularly - whether at home alone or out socialising. Government guidelines recommend that women should not be drinking more than one 175ml glass of wine (13% ABV) per day. Many are unaware that a couple of glasses of wine each day can cause as much, if not more, damage than the binge drinking associated with many university students.

– Dr. Sarah Jarvis, Medical Advisor, Drinkaware
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