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Welsh friendship for independent Scotland

by Nick Powell

If Scotland votes for independence, Welsh voters would want the rest of the UK to back Scottish efforts to join the European Union and NATO but English voters would oppose offering any support. That's the most startling finding of newly published research into attitudes in the two countries to the Scottish referendum.

  • Support Scotland joining EU and NATO?
  • Wales 34% agree, 32% disagree
  • England 26% agree, 36% disagree

The YouGov poll for Cardiff and Edinburgh Universities also found that although the Welsh are against the idea of letting an independent Scotland keep the pound sterling, there's not the overwhelming opposition found in England.

  • An independent Scotland sharing the pound?
  • Wales 36% agree, 44% disagree
  • England 23% agree, 53% disagree

Both the Welsh and the English strongly support more devolution for Scotland if it rejects independence next month. However, both countries are against allowing the Scots to carry on having public expenditure above the UK average.

Scotland's current spending levels are often contrasted with the position in Wales, where politicians of all parties have called for a more generous settlement to reflect Welsh needs. Nevertheless the Welsh appear to feel less strongly about the issue than the English.

  • Public spending in Scotland reduced to the UK average?
  • Wales 48% agree, 12% disagree
  • England 56% agree, 9% disagree

The findings are the result of a large-scale survey carried out in April. Like other polls, it found little difference in between Wales and England when it came to a strong desire for Scotland to vote to stay in the UK

  • Should Scotland be an independent country?
  • Wales 19% agree, 61% disagree
  • England 19% agree, 59% disagree

It’s interesting that while there is almost no difference in the views of people in England and Wales about what they wish to see happen in the Scottish referendum, there are clear differences in how people wish to see the aftermath dealt with. Put bluntly, the English are more inclined to want to play hard-ball with Scotland. Those in Wales are notably more cautious about this, and more favourable to a more conciliatory approach.

– Prof Roger Scully, Cardiff University

Researchers at Cardiff and Edinburgh Universities, working alongside the polling agency YouGov, consulted a representative sample of 3695 adults in England and 1027 in Wales. The surveys were undertaken in late April 2014.

Village campaigners oppose solar farm plans

Solar panels
The proposals are for a solar farm similar to this one near Marlborough Credit: PA

Villagers have set up an action group protesting against plans to put a large solar farm on countryside between Cardiff and Newport.

Local people from the village of Michaelston-Y-Fedw and the surrounding area set up 'Keep Us Rural', in response to a large number of applications for 'Green Energy' schemes to put solar farms and wind turbines on nearby farming land.

So far the group have held several demonstrations, claiming that the plans would 'blight the landscape', and reduce the ability to use the land for farming.

The proposals, by EEW Eco Energy World Ltd, include plans for transformers, fencing and CCTV, as well as the 18MW solar panels.


FT: Cardiff City 1 - 0 Wigan Athletic

Nicky Maynard came back to haunt former club Wigan as Cardiff extended their unbeaten Championship start with a 1-0 home win.

Cardiff City
Credit: PA Images

The goal came in the 53rd minute on the edge of the six yard box.

Cardiff handed a debut to former Reading centre-half Sean Morrison with club captain Mark Hudson dropping out, but kept fellow new signing Anthony Pilkington on the bench after his move from Norwich.

They now second in the Championship table with seven points.


Chilly overnight but a bright start tomorrow

by Kate Lewis

A largely dry evening expected with some late evening sunshine.

Clear skies in many eastern parts will allow temperatures overnight to drop to around 7°C.

In the more rural areas temperatures could even drop to as low as 4°C with a risk of some grass frost.

More cloud cover expected across western coastal areas which will keep temperatures in double figures.

Tomorrow morning will see plenty in the way of bright, sunny spells.

By around midday there is a risk of isolated showers especially over higher ground.

A largely dry afternoon but temperatures still unseasonably cool for the time of year.

Maximum temperature 16 °C.

Welsh sprinters win two more European bronze medals

Welsh sprinters have won two more bronze medals in 100m races at the IPC European Athletics Championships in Swansea.

Rhys Jones, 20, finished third in the T37 100m final.

Rhys Jones
Rhys Jones, pictured at the Commonwealth Games recently, where he also won bronze. Credit: PA

17-year-old Bradley Wigley also finished third, in the T38 100m.

It means Welsh para-athletes have claimed four medals for Great Britain - all bronze, and all in different 100m classifications - on the first day of competition in Swansea.

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