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March 2012: Airport chiefs call for Government help

Cardiff airport wants more Welsh Government help Photo: ITV News Wales

Cardiff Airport's commercial director says the Welsh Government need to do more to help them attract more airlines.

Steve Hodgetts is due to appear before the Assembly's enterprise and business committee this afternoon. In written evidence the airport says:

'It is clear from discussions with the majority of airlines that they perceive that Cardiff Airport's market is neither distinctive nor attractive enough to develop route networks at this time'.

Steve Hodgetts from the Airport says money to help protect air routes is even more important than improving access to the terminal.

They want the Welsh Government to help out with Air Passenger Duty.

Although this currently does not lie within the Government's powers, the Airport point to examples where the Northern Irish Assembly has paid Belfast airport back the passenger duty on certain flights to protect the routes.

One of Cardiff airport's former largest operators BMI Baby stopped operating last April saying it had to concentrate on stronger markets.

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