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Businesses celebrate Grand Slam takings

The morning after the night before Photo: ITV Wales

Fans have been celebrating across the country after Wales beat France yesterday to win the Grand Slam. And that's meant celebrations for businesses too - one pub chain told us they made record takings on Saturday night.

Although the roar of the crowd has left the stadium, the celebrations after winning the Grand Slam still echoed around the City

This morning the French rivals were this morning heading for home with the promise that the battle is not yet over.

We hope to come back in two years perhaps and we hope to win next year in France in Paris. We wait for you

– French fan

It's thought that around a quarter of a million people descended on Cardiff yesterday to watch Wales win the Grand Slam, with celebrations going on well in to the night. But as the party wound down, the clean up began.

Cleaners have been out in force since the early hours and claimed the city had been knee deep in rubbish.

St Mary's Street which we're standing on now - you couldn't see the floor - outside the train station... Basically the whole of the City centre has been obliterated with litter. It's taken us five hours to clean up the litter and also we've been washing the City centre as well

– David Pellow, Cardiff Council

It wasn't just the streets that needed cleaning up. One pub was unable to open on time after rugby fans partied there long into the night. But the delay was certainly a price worth paying.

We did fantastic business - we took seventy eight thousand five hundred pounds which beat our last record by about ten thousand pounds so the grandslam was a wonderful day for us - a wonderful day for Wetherspoon in Cardiff

– Richard Lewis, pub manager

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