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Sharp End: Budget, badgers and the Air Ambulance

There are huge knock-on effects of the Chancellor's budget for all of us living here in Wales and major political implications too.

I've been interviewing the Welsh Finance Minister Jane Hutt to see why she calls the budget 'disappointing for Wales' when the Wales Office says it's 'fair and supportive to Wales.'

I've also been asking her what the Welsh Government would do if it gets the power to set different public sector pay levels for its employees here compared to the other parts of the UK - would she link them to those paid in the South East of England?

Our reporter Owain Phillips has been muddying his boots down on the farm to find out what farmers make of the decision not to go ahead with a badger cull as part of the fight against bovine TB.

And the air ambulance provides vital service in some of the most inaccessible parts of our country but it has a problem with funding. Lynn Courteney has been asking if it's time the Welsh Government helped out?

My guests tonight are the Conservative Assembly Member Nick Ramsay and Plaid Cymru's economics guru Eurfyl ap Gwilym.

Join us at the slightly later time of 2305 ITV1 Wales.

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