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Conwy community attempt to drive down speed

Gyffin residents have imposed their own speed limit Photo: ITV News Wales

Should there be a default 20 miles per hour speed limit on all residential roads in the UK and indeed Europe?

It might sound an ambitious plan but in fact there is considerable political support in Europe and the UK for such a move.

In September last year the EU Parliament backed a recommendation from the EU’s own transport committee for 20mph speed limits for residential streets and on single lane roads without cycle tracks.

They want to help cut the number of children under 14 years of age killed on roads by 60 per cent.

The UK Government has also taken steps to make it easier and cheaper for local authorities to implement 20mph limits for cities, towns and villages.

It’s a subject that’s of particular interest to people living in the community of Gyffin just outside Conwy.

The B5106 is the main road through the community. There's a 30 miles per hour speed limit, but people living along the road, including Mr David Potts, say that’s too fast, and it should be a safer 20mph.

In an attempt to slow motorists he’s put 20mph speed stickers on his wheelie bin in the hope that motorists take notice.

A neighbour, Dave Hulse has done the same thing.

Cars come through here are between 40 and 50 miles per hour. Its dangerous. A 20 miles per hour speed limit would certainly make it safer for everybody including the children at the local school. It's an accident waiting to happen.

– Dave Hulse

The Gyffin campaigners now plan to organise a petition and intend to approach Conwy Council in the hope that something can be done.

Local authorities have the power to review speeds on particular roads at public request.

There are also several groups nationally campaigning on the 20mph issue.