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Fears of shortages ahead of possible tankers' strike

Some petrol stations are reporting shortages Photo: ITV News Wales

Motorists across Wales are reporting regular but short term problems with buying petrol and diesel ahead of a feared strike by tanker drivers. Conciliation service Acas has invited unions and oil companies to talks in a bid to prevent a tanker drivers' strike.

Whilst the situation isn't the same everywhere some petrol stations are becoming very busy.

JAY PATEL, Garage owner in the Vale of Glamorgan Credit: ITV News Wales

It's been very very busy...we ran out, we had a tanker this afternoon and that's nearly running out. People are panic buying and they're buying more

– JAY PATEL, Garage owner in the Vale of Glamorgan

One station in Llandudno is limiting customers to £10 of fuel per visit. That's in a bid to stretch out supplies between deliveries.

Restrictions at Llandudno Petrol Station Credit: ITV News Wales

It is important to emphasise that the situation seems to change hourly no matter where you are.

A number of people have been getting in touch with ITV News about what they're seeing across Wales...

June Marie Evans says "Petrol station on Vale Road, Rhyl -- Queues miles long

Ian Gravell said the Preseli Filling station in Llanddewi Velfrey, Nr Whitland is chocker.

And Mark Tugwell got in touch to say Morrisons in Caerphilly was crazy at lunch time today.

– ITV Wales Facebook Site

Many motorists seem to be following the Prime Minister's advice to "keep topped up". But that's causing queues and some shortages.

Although this advice goes against the advice of one of the country's biggest tanker firms. Hoyer, one of the five companies whose tanker drivers voted for a strike, has told ITV News that motorists shouldn't panic buy as it will only make things worse. The company, which has 650 drivers who deliver to mainly Esso and Shell garages, says it is not planning to increase supply to garages before any eventual strike for operational reasons. It disputes union claims that its practices breach health and safety standards and says it has not had a serious injury in 25 years. They also say the average salary for their drivers is £45,000, with some on more than that.

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