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Sharp End preview

There'll be a lot of uncertainty about the future in everything we discuss in tonight's programme.

Uncertainty for the future economy of Anglesey after two companies which were planning to build a new nuclear power station on the island, decided not to do so.

And that decision also raises questions about the future of nuclear power here in Wales and what our political parties say and do about it.

There's also the uncertainty about which government should be responsible for overseeing such decisions: is it time for the power over power to be transferred from Westminster to the Welsh Government?

And talking of power, Owain Phillips has been looking at some recent moves to reshape the way Wales is run and funded in the future for this week's Sharp End report.

I'll been putting some of these questions to the First Minister Carwyn Jones in the Sharp End interview and discussing them with my guests who this week are Plaid Cymru's Jocelyn Davies AM and the Conservative AM, Paul Davies.

Join us for Sharp End 2305 ITV1 Wales.

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