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Lifeguards return to Aberavon in time for Easter rush

Lifeguards have been training for the last two weeks in Aberavon Photo: ITV News Wales

Lifeguards from the RNLI are returning to Aberavon beach from this Easter weekend to spot potential dangers before lives are put at risk. Lifeguards from there and other beaches around the country have been undertaking training ahead of what is usually a busy time for the charity.

The charity provides beaches on 28 of Wales' busiest beaches. During 2011, RNLI lifeguards helped 1,503 people in Wales – saving the lives of six people and delivering first aid for 73 people with serious injuries.

The training includes rescue craft training, first aid and vital fitness tests. The aim is to ensure that the lifeguards are for any eventuality.

The RNLI say it’s vital to provide lifeguards and volunteer lifeboat crew with the highest level of training.

Even though the charity’s lifeguards will be at their posts ready to offer advice and assistance, we ask the public to help us help them by keeping in mind some vital tips: when visiting the coast this summer we advice that you always swim on a lifeguarded beach; avoid using inflatables, especially in strong winds; and always check the weather and tide times before you go.

If you find yourself, or see others in trouble, put your hand up and call for help or tell a lifeguard so that they can offer their assistance.

– Chris Vaughan, RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor

Lifeguards will be on patrol at Aberavon beach throughout the Easter weekend before they permanently return to their posts for the summer season at the end of May.

RNLI guards will return to other beaches in Swansea at Langland, Caswell and Port Eynon from 28th April.