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Ship removal expected tomorrow

The ship has sunk lower in the water over the weekend Photo: ITV News Wales

The cargo ship that ran aground on the north Wales coast will start being dismantled tomorrow, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency has confirmed.

Seven Polish members of crew were rescued after the MV Carrier struck rocks near Colwyn Bay on Tuesday night.

[The ship] will be cut into manageable sections on the shore. These sections will be taken by road to a designated scrapyard. The demolition of the wreck is expected to take around six weeks, but the pace of operations will be dictated by safety considerations and the weather at the scene.


24,000 litres of oil from the MV Carrier has been pumped out, as well as oily water and other hazardous materials .

This process was limited by the fact that work could only continue in four-hour blocks, two hours either side of low-tide, but not in the dark. A 100-metre exclusion zone has been put in place for other boats off the coast, while a speed limit remains in place on the A55.

On Saturday PGC Demolition, the same company who were awarded the contract to remove the fuel oil from the vessel, were also awarded the contract to remove the wreck of the vessel.

Proposals to cut the vessel up on site and remove it for recycling have been approved and work is expected to start tomorrow, lasting for a period of up to ten weeks.

More than half of the fuel on board the cargo ship has now been removed Credit: ITV News Wales

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