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Sheen back in Port Talbot for premiere of "Passion" film

Sheen in rehearsal for "The Passion" in 2011 Photo: ITV News Wales

Hollywood star Michael Sheen is back in Wales for the second Easter running - this time to attend the premiere of a film made out of his epic production of "The Passion". In 2011 Sheen made headlines around the world when he returned to his home town of Port Talbot to co-direct and star in a non-stop three-day production over the bank holiday weekend.

A 21st Century version of Christ's life written by Owen Sheers the, Welsh Rugby Union's current Artist in Residence, the play sees Sheen as a Christ-like figure who attracts followers whilst resisting a company exploiting the local community.

The one-off production attracted rave reviews, with Sheen calling the project the most ambitious thing he'd ever done, involving a cast of more than a thousand volunteers and professionals in multiple locations around the town.

The production has now been adapted into a two hour film entitled "The Gospel of Us" by Dave McKean, and Sheen will tonight attend its world premiere at the Apollo Cinema in Port Talbot.