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Eight years for cancer cure 'fraudster'

Reginald Gill tricked women into thinking they had cancer Photo: ITV News Wales

A west Wales pensioner, who molested women after giving them a bogus cancer diagnosis, has been jailed.

77-year-old Reginald Gill from Carmarthen was sentenced to eight years in prison after being found guilty of nine sex offences and two fraud charges at Swansea Crown Court.

Gill's 35-year-old wife Leila was also jailed for six months for her part in the sexually motivated scam.

Reginald Gill was sentenced to eight years Credit: ITV News Wales
Leila Gill was sentenced to six months Credit: ITV News Wales

The court heard last month how the couple ran a homeopathic products and treatments business in the west Wales village of Cwmduad.

A jury were told how Gill would claim female patients had cancer in order to carry out intrusive physical examinations on his naked victims.

Women came to your clinic for help. They came open-minded, but you took advantage of them. You gave them the most frightening diagnoses you could. It was a gross abuse of their trust

– Honour Judge Keith Thomas, speaking during the sentencing of Gill

The pensioner would then perform bizarre, un-scientific 'scans' using his hands, charging his victims 120 pounds for each session.

Gill claimed he had 'cured' his two victims, but neither of them actually had cancer.