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Welsh bricklayer treks to Everest

Roger Jones is one of a team of four selected through a nationwide search Photo: ITV News Wales

After a nationwide selection and over 400 entries, a bricklayer from Llandudno will be leaving today for an expedition to Everest Base Camp. 46-year-old Roger Jones, is one of a team of four Glenfiddich Pioneers selected through a nationwide search. One person each from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales were chosen to trek to the world's highest mountain.

"I am bursting with pride at having been selected to carry the Welsh flag up to Everest Base Camp to handover to the Walking With The Wounded summit team. I'm a massive supporter of the armed forces and all they do for us. Ultimately I'm just a normal bloke being given this wonderful opportunity and I cant wait to do us proud as a nation."

– Roger Jones

The expedition is part of Walking with the Wounded charity and will last 22 days. Roger has been preparing by walking up Snowdon and the Conwy Mountains.

He took part in a selection day, which entailed a British Military Fitness Test, a medical check by South Pole veteran Dr. Ian Davies, a teamwork test and a personality test.

He has been cleared fit to make the expedition to take a dram of Glenfiddich whiskey to the Himalayas.

During Roger's time at Everest Base Camp he will take part in a live broadcast whisky tasting. Climbing Everest is one of the world's toughest challenges.

To succeed, the climbers will have to overcome precipitous falls, hurricane force winds and treacherous snow-covered crevasses; their bodies will have to cope with chronic altitude sickness, immense fatigue and bitter cold.

Few of the world's most experienced climbers who attempt Everest actually reach the summit.

As well as the challenges of the mountain, the team must also deal with the injuries they received in the line of duty.

The team aim to raise over £2m to re-skill and re-train injured servicemen and women from the British Armed Forces. The charity aims to raise funds for education projects and training courses which specifically take in to account the physical and mental injuries sustained by servicemen and women.

"Our charity expedition is all about urging people to Find Your Everest and to help us raise £2m to help re-train wounded servicemen and women from our armed forces. The second reason we can't wait to see them is that they are bringing some news from home and some amazing whisky - which of course we will enjoy in due course."

– Walking With The Wounded Expedition Leader, Capt. Martin Hewitt