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Welsh sculptor's Olympic statues unveiled

The last five months have been challenging, but also exciting for sculptor Nick Elphick. And now all the hard work is beginning to pay off.

Nick, from Llandudno, was commissioned by the Getty Foundation to create sculptures of four Greek athletes for an opera festival this summer.

One of the operas is set at the ancient Greek Olympics. The finished pieces will be used as part of the stage scenery.

Nick's work is already widely known, but this project is maybe his highest profile yet, and also the most demanding, working against a tough deadline for the opera company.

The four sculptures are set to be taken to London this week. Nick will travel down to add the finishing touches.

It's been tough going but we are nearly there. I'm very proud of my work and its important that everything is right. So I have not spared myself. I only use the best artists to help me and I am lucky there is so much talent in North Wales.

– Nick Elphick, sculptor

One of the people working with Nick is artist and blacksmith Richard Jones, of Heat and Beat from Dyserth.

Nick is a pleasure to work with. He is very passionate about his work. Watch this space. He is going to a major player in the art world.

– Richard Jones, artist and blacksmith
Nick Elphick has been working on his sculptures for the past five months Credit: ITV News Wales
But the statues are now finally ready Credit: ITV News Wales
It has been a long road for Nick, but well worth the wait Credit: ITV News Wales