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Pathologists to give evidence at MI6 spy inquest

Gareth Williams' body was found locked in a holdall in his bath in Central London in August 2010 Photo:

The inquest into the death of MI6 officer Gareth Williams, whose body was found padlocked inside a holdall at his flat in Central London, resumes today for a second week.

Westminster Coroner's Court has heard from one witness, an expert in working in confined spaces, who says he believe Gareth Williams could not have locked himself into the bag unaided. Mr Williams' family have suggested that someone specialising in the 'dark arts of the secret services' may have somehow been involved.

Several witnesses from MI6, some of whom have given evidence anonymously, have told the inquest that they've seen no evidence to link Gareth Williams' death to his work. Last week, one MI6 officer rejected the suggestion that there had been a 'cover up' by the Secret Intelligence Service.

Mr Williams was on a secondment at MI6 from GCHQ in Cheltenham, and was due to return to his job there just days after he was found dead.

The inquest has heard that the 31 year old failed to turn up to work for a week before he was reported missing to the police by MI6 in August 2010. By the time his body was discovered, it had decomposed significantly, making it harder to find vital forensic clues.

So far, tests have failed to determine how the codebreaker died. This week pathologists will give evidence and perhaps shed some light on a possible cause of death, something Gareth Williams' family have been waiting for for more than 20 months.

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