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First Minister's Questions May 1st 2012

What it must be to be the First Minister. A man apparently regarded as the font of all knowledge by Assembly members gathered for the weekly ritual that is First Ministers Questions. Well so it seemed today.

Even before the leaders of the opposition parties got underway with their well rehearsed spontaneous questions, other arguably less rehearsed colleagues were bowed down under the weight of oh so many topics

Russ George (Montgomeryshire), obviously of a humanitarian bent, was deeply concerned about the fate of the people of Montgomeryshire. he wondered how the Welsh Government planned to improve their lives.

Then one of the younger members seated at the plenary Rebecca Evans was explaining how she had been volunteering to pick up litter and set up bird boxes and wanted the FM to support her in the view that volunteers contributed so much to life in Wales

But it was when the leaders of the opposition got underway that the FM was again forced to cling to the plastic lectern for support.

The most fiery of the questions today came from Plaid leader Leanne Wood. She challenged the Welsh Government to come clean on what she was alleging were Labour's plans to downgrade hospitals and services. Something which the FM strongly refuted as both fiction and deliberate electioneering

Another topic that cropped up again was that of Bovine TB.

Andrew RT Davies the leader of the Conservatives at the Assembly returned to this fractious subject by challenging the First Minister that his decision not to cull our furry friends was born out of political expediency rather than by the scientific evidence.

He claimed that the reason that Professor Pollock, a top scientist from the Governments TB eradication board, had recently resigned was because of his disappointment that the Government had adopted a strategy not justified by scientific evidence

The leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Kirsty Williams was concerned about what plans the Welsh Government had for the thousands of people in Wales who suffered from stokes.She wanted to know when the Government planned to implement a comprehensive stroke strategy

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