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Decision time in Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire before this election was ruled by a coalition of Labour and Independent councillors who banded together to keep Plaid Cymru out in the cold.

The leader of the council was Meryl Gravell and her deputy Labour's Kevin Madge.

But with today's results will this coalition be able to continue or must another configuration of parties be chosen .?

The results reflected the overall picture in Wales that Labour had done very well indeed.

The numbers crunch like this.

Plaid Cymru 28

Labour 23

Independent 22

Other 1.

Independent Councillor Meryl Gravell retained her seat but was magnanimous about Labour's success

During the several hours of counting various Assembly figures appeared to offer support to the nervous candidates including Plaid Cymru AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas.

Its his belief that because they are the largest party Plaid Cymru should be allowed to lead Carmarthenshire Council.

Meanwhile Labour believe that as they are the second largest party , they will be the lynch pin to broker any deals.

One things for sure , there'll be a lot of serious talking going on in Carmarthenshire this weekend

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